Author: Sheila Lowenstein

Jammin' With The Cocontheads

There was a ’70s rock-and-roll group called the Average White Band, which featured a British singer named Hamish Stewart, but here’s the real thing: An American white reggae band called the Coconutheads that’s anything but average.

Give Goats A Go

The Turtle Creek Dairy farm in Loxahatchee is the love child of Jim Berke, a New Jersey native who learned about goat cheese in Europe and turned his appreciation for the product into a career.

The Game of the Name

No more than two out of many dozens of celebrities have been discourteous or demanding,” says Pat Bourdic, assistant general manager at Vero Beach’s Doubletree Guest Suites Resort, where she has worked since 1992. “More often than not, they’re nicer than you’d expect a regular guest to be.”

Local Flavor

As we pull into the parking lot, the smell of fresh, warm tortillas drifts indolently from the back room of the small Fellsmere grocery store known as the Garcia Plaza Bakery. It’s just before 9 a.m., and the tortilla makers have already been at work for hours making fresh corn tortillas as well as handmade pastries.

In Search of Adventure

After years of diving into underwater caves, putting a bat through its paces and measuring a Papa bear’s claws, Kristin Gordon Seiz’s claim to be an adventurer is no longer in question.

The Art of Elegant Eggs

What’s bigger than a kiwi and smaller than an ostrich, doesn’t fly and probably doesn’t stick its head in the sand? An emu. Nearly six feet tall and weighing up to 120 pounds, this is a mighty big bird. Not surprisingly, its eggs are also enormous.