Author: Erick Gill

So, You Want To Be An Actor

Beth Dimon and Josephine Hall traveled in opposite directions to get to Vero Beach, but they are both here for the same reason: to find work. Riverside Theatre’s Artistic Director Allen D. Cornell is also in Vero Beach at the same time, but for a different reason: to find people to hire.

Making The Move To Music City

When Marcia Michael’s 19-year-old son, Scott Emerick, left Vero Beach with just $300 in his pocket and the phone number of a friend in Nashville, she thought he’d be back home within three months.

Back To Basics

As majestic and serene as the coast of Florida is, there are even more amazing landscapes to be discovered in the central part of the state.

Cycling With Mike Costner

For the last few years, cycling has slowly crept into American mainstream sports thanks to Lance Armstrong’s seven wins in the Tour de France.