Author: Thomas P. Lowe

The Second Time Around

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many couples are thankful for the love of their lives. But some have been blessed twice. Vero Beach-based couples Sharon and Doug Howder and Carolyn and Joe Webber lost their beloved first spouses but found new mates in each other. Let’s take a look at their extraordinary stories.

An Ounce of Prevention

As I put this column to bed, it is early December and we have been having unusually cool weather as the wind has been steadily out of the north, which brings to mind one of the worst fears of Florida gardeners. Freeze.

The Flowers of Summer

It's that time of year when high season is becoming low as the temperature and humidity are moving in the other direction. And, once again, those of us who are year-rounders much concentrate on the positive aspects of summer in Florida.

Florida's Hot, Trees Are Cool

This title is also the title for a poster contest that the Sebastian Tree Advisory Board conducted for elementary students this past year in honor of national Arbor Day. The contest was judged by art students at Sebastian River High School and prizes were donated by local merchants.

Know It And Grow It

We’ve all heard about “Man of the Year” and “Woman of the Year.” Why not plant of the year? Or, as it is more correctly known, “Florida Plants of the Year” (FPOY).

An Educational Oasis

In the not-too-distant past, and certainly in a more pastoral time, Farmer Brown relied on the Extension Service for information and Ma Brown could use the same for questions about canning or baking or other home economics-related activities.