Author: Suzan Phillips

Treasures In The Heart Of The City

Tucked into an area on the west side of Vero Beach, bounded on the north by State Road 60, on the south by 16th Street, on the east by 20th Avenue and on the west by 27th Avenue lies a woodsy neighborhood of big trees and little houses. Catty cornered to the north and east is the original town of Vero. It is these two areas that caught the attention of the Vero Beach City Council as they were making plans to carry out the goals of the 2005 Vision Plan.

Return Of The Hall Of Giants

After lying in ruins for more than 20 years, The Hall of Giants at McKee Botanical Garden, Waldo Sexton’s monument to a giant table (a 38-foot slab of Philippine mahogany) is about to rise again, thanks to a grant from Florida’s Division of Historic Resources.

Amazon Adventure

The Victoria Amazonica, a water lily with giant leaves, is a wonder of the flower world. It was first discovered in the backwaters of Bolivia’s Mamore River in 1801 by botanist H. Haenke. The Guarani Indians of the area called it Yrupe, Y meaning water and rupe a tray. In many areas of South America, the lily is so common its seeds are used for food. Some Indians called it “maize of the water,” and the farina it produces is preferred to wheat.

New Discoveries At Mckee

Visitors to McKee Botanical Garden lately might be startled to see a shark’s fin emerging from the water lilies of the main pond. There have been alligators there for sure, but a shark? Not to worry. This is just a sculpture called “Fear Itself” from the garden’s new show “Sculpting Nature,” a display of 30 large pieces depicting the relationship between art and nature.

Can Main Street Save Our Downtown?

Back in the first half of the 20th century, when you heard the words “Main Street,” it conjured up visions of a bustling downtown with shops, banks, restaurants, and often a movie theater or two; in other words, the hub of Anytown, USA.