Author: Jim Kerr

"It's The Islands, Mon!"

For the past two decades or so, John and Ann Faunce of Vero Beach have been making a second home for themselves on an island archipelago in The Bahamas. Their particular abode is a 42-foot Ocean Alexander motor yacht christened Freedom, whose cruising flexibility and comfort have allowed John and Ann to enjoy countless memorable adventures.

In Search of That ‘Wow!’ Photo

In March, 2008, photography enthusiast and long-time Vero Beach resident Donna Green packed up her Canon 5D full frame digital single lens reflex camera, her 28mm wide angle and 300mm telephoto lenses and headed west.

Last Of The Warbirds

In a huge airplane hangar near Titusville, Hal Larkin and his “Grumman Gremlins” labored every Thursday for seven years, slowly and meticulously breathing new life into a doomed relic from another era—and a rare piece of American history.

Setting Sail On The 19th Hole

Henry “Buzz” Wurzer is not especially fond of cruise vacations, yet the John’s Island resident and his wife, Marilyn, have taken four of them since 2002.

Losing The Blues On Green Turtle Cay

Several times a year, Lee LaPointe of Vero Beach goes home across the Gulf Stream to a special island in the sun; back to a tranquil place of childhood memories on an ocean beach, where the surf crashes in from the world’s third largest barrier reef, the sun rises with soft glowing rays and the full moon comes up like it’s on fire.

When is a Cruise More than a Cruise?

Vadim Palchun, a Russian guide and art expert, is leading a group of 12 wide-eyed Americans to a restricted and rarely visited inner sanctum in one of the world’s greatest art museums.