Author: Photography by Greg Hills

Finding Their Niche

Twenty-five years ago, Nat Jackson received a gift that would change the future of the Garden Club of Indian River County. It was an ornament from the Garden Club of Virginia, and instead of hanging it on the tree she took it straight to her club president, Mary Graves. Jackson thought their club could design their own ornaments and sell them as a fundraiser.

Music Matters

There are more than 6,800 music therapists in the United States who are board certified; over 300 live and work in the state of Florida. Indian River County had none until Burkart arrived on the scene, toting her guitar, experience and a deep desire to help others.

The Art Of The Silver Screen

Like good literature, good movies present ideas and stimulate the intellectually curious to explore different viewpoints and theories – many times with a historical or social perspective and often in visually and artistically experimental ways. And just like a good book, a good film lends itself to study, discussion and further thought.

Food For The Gods

Jeremy Crews, a second-generation local apiarist and commercial beekeeper, has been extracting and selling nutritionally dense raw honey straight from the comb ever since he took over his father’s business in 2012. Unprocessed raw honey is one of nature’s purest superfoods, containing 5,000 live enzymes, 27 minerals and 22 protein-rich amino acids.

A Tale Of Ships And Songs

True story. A man buys a 90-year-old, broken-down wood sailboat because he likes its lines. He marries the female dock master to win a bet, and together they spend the next 30 years living on board, restoring the recalcitrant money pit with no help from their rambunctious crew of eight Chihuahuas.

Heart & Soul Of A Jamaican

While Jamaican food is undeniably some of the most flavorful food in the Caribbean, it is best known for the most fiery of ingredients, the Scotch bonnet pepper. But Campbell claims it is a misconception to say that it is all about the heat. “It’s about the flavors of herbs and spices in the cooking,” he tells me in his distinctive sing-song, Jamaican accent. “Herbs like thyme and spices like allspice, which we call pimento. The basics of Jamaican cooking are the jerk, the oxtail and the curries, which are much lighter than Indian curries.”