Author: Charlotte Terry

Ladies In Wading

Today, Vero Beach is known for many things: Dodgertown, Piper Aircraft, an emphasis on cultural activities such as the Riverside Theatre and the Center for the Arts. But if you've never heard of Millie Bunnell and the Dolphinettes, you don't know how and when the city first got to be famous.

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Taking the grand tour with Alto “Bud” Adams, Jr., on his 60,000-acre ranch near Fort Pierce is a lesson in ecology, geography and history all rolled into one. In 1937, when Bud was 11, his father, Alto Adams, Sr., bought the beginnings of what would later evolve into one of Florida’s largest, privately owned cattle ranches.

The House of Champions

Gus Curren, the spunky, 25-year-old owner of The House of Champions, has loved boxing for as long as he can remember. He attended his first fight when he was six to watch an uncle compete in a kick-boxing match.