Author: Carole Crowe

Turtle Time In Vero Beach

A sea turtle floats through a curling wave onto a moonlit beach. She presses her nose to the sand as though sniffing for a familiar scent. Alert for danger, she lumbers above the high-tide line, where the sand feels dry and safe for her mission.

Swingtime For The Nutcracker

“I have this son …” These four little words led to a journey that would one day bring a jazz version of The Nutcracker Ballet to the children’s stage at Vero Beach. The words were spoken by Joanie Schnell in 2001 to Linda Downey, Education Director at Riverside Children’s Theatre (RCT). The son is Adam Schnell, choreographer and librettist of The Nutcracker: In Swingtime! – now in its second year of production.