Author: Amy Robinson

Taking Care

David Croom founded Croom Construction Company in 1978, then building the first custom homes in John’s Island, including his own. Twenty years later, he saw the need for services that would take care of unoccupied homes during summer months when seasonal folks were away.

Focal Point

For Pace, it has always been about protecting the habitat. If the right conditions exist, wildlife will thrive. Currently, his focus is on retirement, but he won’t be sitting in a chair binge-watching television shows.

The Wolf Inside The Dog

From Pomeranians to poodles, our dogs are descended from one ancestor, the wolf, and the origin of our canine friends is still a hotly debated topic among the scientific set.

Darn That Alarm!

It was an old concrete bunker of a building. Giant gears that stirred the paint once manufactured here remained, giving the place a decidedly industrial look. As a dog training school in downtown Chicago, it was perfect.