Social Scene

Sail Away

Model sailboats date back to the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt. The Indian River Model Sailing Club keeps the tradition alive at Hobart Park in Vero Beach, meeting nearly every day to race boats. According to the club's commodore, "You get all the thrill of sailing without all the work!"

Where Every Child Is a Star

With anticipation shining in her eyes, Shannon Maloney first skipped through the doors of Riverside Children’s Theatre as a second-grader. On her way to an acting class, she was about to discover a world of wonder where she could be a princess or pirate one day, a flower or frog the next. Since then Shannon has participated in numerous classes and workshops that have enhanced her natural acting, dancing and musical abilities; she has also performed onstage and been busy working behind the scenes. For the now high school senior her RCT experiences have been so positive she plans to pursue acting in college.