Art & Artists

Impressionist Immersion

"Vero Beach reminds me of the Florida I experienced as a child," notes Connecticut-based artist Deborah Cotrone. With a little help from a modern-day patron, she immersed herself in the community for three months, spent every day painting, and discovered her new muse.

Claying for Keeps

Indian River Clay has found a new home on 16th Street, a building that couldn’t have been more made to order, where potters can use the new space to spread their artistic wings. Maria Sparsis agrees. “Clay people are different in that we like to work with other potters to encourage each other, to share what we’ve done. Our studio makes that all possible.”

One Smart Cookie

Amy Mallouk is obsessed with cookies! In 2020, COVID derailed her work in what was turning into a dream job with Disney. Rather than dwell on the negative, the young entrepreneur has taken her artistic talent and turned it into a custom cookie making business operating out of her mother’s kitchen in Indian River County.

Picture Perfect

In a late spring editorial meeting, we started dreaming about travel. That dream turned into our 2021 Inaugural Travel Photo Contest. After two months of culling through hundreds of submissions, we have some winners!

The Mystery of the Museum Lion

Vero Beach Museum of Art Curator Anke Van Wagenberg was on a mission to find the origins of the museum’s majestic bronze lion, the sculpture that guards the entrance to the museum. Her detective work includes stories from more than a century ago from all over the world, and reveals why the lion lived in The Moorings for a time, and how it made its way to its current magnificent spot at the museum in 1982.

Impressions of a Living Legacy

In its 150-year history, Findlay Galleries has sold paintings by major artists, including Mary Cassatt, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. Along with their renown, these names speak to the range of artistic styles that Findlay Galleries has represented: from the French impressionism of Monet and the American Cassatt to the surrealism of Dalí to the cubism of Picasso.

Adler’s Alchemy

The sold-out event, which benefitted educational programs and attracted new members, was such a success that a second “Fashion Meets Art” is scheduled to take place Feb. 27, with well-known American potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler taking center stage.