Your Summer Garden

Plant now for Vero Beach's long, hot season

The month of May in Vero Beach might well be considered the beginning of summer, especially from the gardener’s perspective. The annual flowers that have been blooming profusely since last fall are beginning to peter out. As they decline, they should be removed. For those who will be away a good part of the summer, simply mulching these beds is probably the most practical application. For those who will be in residence there are flowers that thrive in Florida’s summer.

A number of choices exist for sunny places. Each season, new colors of periwinkles are hybridized and these hybrids are also shorter and more compact. Portulaca and the closely related purslane produce an abundance of vibrantly colorful flowers on ground-hugging plants that spread rapidly. For gardens near the shore, iceplant is a succulent that bears tiny red flowers, is very salt tolerant and loves the heat and sun.

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