Worth The Wait

A couple from D.C. wanted a beachfront home that would accommodate their large family. They’re glad they took their time.
As the day comes to a close a warm glow illuminates the interior of the residence and casts reflections on the surface of the pool. The British West Indies architecture is in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings as well as other homes in Orchid Island, just as the owners wanted.

Like many of us who have chosen to call Vero Beach home the couple from suburban Washington, D.C., had visited family and friends often enough to know that this was where they wanted to plant roots of their own.

“What narrowed us in on Florida’s  east coast was family; it’s been nice these last 15 years to be closer to ‘aging parents,’ ” the husband smiles, his fingers forming mock quotation marks. “We knew we wanted to live in an oceanfront golf-course community, and after looking at others, we chose Orchid Island since, at the time, it was new and offered a full range of amenities. It was also a smaller and intimate setting, which made it easy for us to connect with people. When we came here it was like freshman year – everyone was new.”

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