With Sharp Knife in Hand

After two years, the Indian River Wood Carvers Club is shaping up to a bright future.
Bob’s trio of gnomes pose for a group portrait. 

Wanted: Good-humored men and women from all walks of life who like to work with their hands. Knowledge of wood helpful but not necessary. Age requirement: none. Salary: none. Benefits: Virtually unlimited, but include new friendships and warm feelings of accomplishment.
The Indian River Wood Carvers Club just celebrated its second year of existence. If it wanted to drum up new members, the preceding “want ad” covers the basics. But the club, 100 members strong and growing, doesn’t need to advertise. New faces appear regularly at the Wednesday morning work sessions, held at the Vero Beach Moose Lodge.

Meet Tricia Allison, for example, a new arrival from Palm Beach who recently attended her first wood carvers meeting. She hasn’t been carving long, “maybe a month of my life,” she says, but already she is an enthusiast. “When I got to Vero Beach the first thing I thought was, ‘I’ve got to find carvers. There’s got to be some carvers up here somewhere.’ And sure enough, I found this big group.”

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