Winter Wonderland

Students at Kendall Academy have “visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.”
Five-year-olds Kyleigh, Trenton, Gabrielle, Julianna, Cameron, Max and Miranda in the “country house” located in the cafeteria.

Since the Blanco family opened Kendall Academy in the early 1990s, pre-schoolers ages 10 months to five years have experienced a Christmas miracle. Each year Administrator Maggie Lemoine Blanco chooses a theme and then works non-stop – sometimes into the wee hours of the morning – installing appliances, decorating Christmas trees and occasionally painting the walls to accent her creations. With no formal training in design, Maggie says “everything is from the heart,” and every hour spent is worth the elation of 167 children.

“These are the best years of their lives,” says Maggie. “Everything we do is about them. We live in their world.” 

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