Why Windsor Works

Twenty years later, Windsor still shines as Vero Beach’s first “New Urban” community.
Two equestrians take a leisurely ride through Windsor’s verdant landscape. Behind them is the clubhouse, which has an art gallery on its upper floor.

Nearly 420 acres of grapefruit groves stretched to the horizon when Canadian Galen Weston and his wife Hilary first set eyes on the property we know today as Windsor. The year was 1988 and the groves were typical of the vast acreage of citrus that still dotted the Treasure Coast. But after searching all over Florida for a location to develop a small, sports-oriented community, the Westons decided that this, finally, was The Place.

One of the things that attracted the couple was that there was clearly adequate space to carve out a polo field alongside the rows of grapefruit. Long-time enthusiasts of the sport, they figured they could at least get together with their friends on the polo field while waiting for the remainder of the project to be developed. The groves were still being cleared when Windsor’s first major polo match, the Prince of Wales Cup, took place in February 1989.

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