Vero Beach Dances With the Stars

Whether it’s ballroom, salsa, tango, swing or the cha-cha…

Dance may be the most romantic of sports among the few played in pairs. My observation is that the prospect of meeting someone new rivals doing something new as the top reasons for taking it up.

My own rationale was purely to avoid public humiliation. About a dozen years ago, I was asked to impersonate Czarina Alexandra at a Red Cross fundraiser at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Czar Nicholas II and I were to waltz after dinner to kick-start the dancing portion of the evening. Happily, we were almost instantly surrounded by swirling revelers before our inadequacies could be spotted. We knew precisely three steps from a three-week crash course, informally led by a ballroom-dancing friend to jukebox music on slow nights at the Long Branch Saloon.

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