Turkish Delights

A Turkish feast is a multi-course affair and often lasts for hours.

Melih and Pamela Tan both went to Bowling Green University but they didn’t meet and fall in love until a class reunion years later. After their marriage, Melih, who was born in Istanbul, craved the food he had grown up eating.

So Pamela learned to prepare traditional Turkish dishes for him in a very traditional way—sort of. He would call his mother, who did not speak English, in Turkey and ask how to make a particular dish, then translate the instructions for Pamela. “It was really strange because I had never seen the dishes, never tasted them, so I had no idea what I was doing,” says Pamela. “Even so, by the time we landed in Turkey six months later, his family was shocked because I had mastered some of the dishes that were their favorites.”

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