True Tails: New Cures For Canines

Breakthrough treatments can help trigger your dog's own healing system.
Sweet Pea rests after a rehab session. Surgery was just the first step in his recovery.

As usual, educators Bobbie and Bill Donelson of Sebastian were awakened at dawn by two cold, wet noses. They sleepily opened the back door as they had every day since they acquired Max and Sweet Pea, their two lively dachshunds. With typical enthusiasm, the dogs shot across the grass after a squirrel. Max deftly made the small leap on short legs over the garden border, but Sweet Pea yelped and crashed downward on his nose, paralyzed.

Seeing our pets in pain motivates us to take extreme measures to help them. “We learned that the first few hours are critical in spinal injuries,” recalls Bobbie. “We were ready to do anything to help.”

Doctors and staff at the Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center of Brevard had seen scores of challenging emergency cases. Diagnostics for Sweet Pea pointed toward surgery.

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