True Blue

The courtyard home of Don and Rose Ciampa fits them “like a glove.”
Sea-inspired hues throughout the house reflect Rose’s fondness for blue as seen in the bold striped rug, companion chairs and accent pillows in the living room. Photo by Gridley + Graves

If it hadn’t been for a close and very persistent friend, Don and Rose Ciampa might never have been introduced to John’s Island. After she called several times, urging them to come for a visit, they reluctantly said yes. The couple agrees it was one of the best decisions they ever made.

“We had vacationed in other places throughout Florida and nothing excited us, but our friend kept saying, ‘You really need to see this place. It’s special,’” says Don. “To be honest, I really didn’t want to like it here, but after the first day I was getting very good vibes.”

Rose was getting the same vibes. “Our friend took us everywhere and we liked everything we saw. We knew that if we ever bought a place in Florida, it needed to be near the ocean since we’ve been on the ocean in the Hamptons for 30 years. This is where we were meant to be. We owe our friend a big thank you!”

The Ciampas’ heartfelt thank you also extends to architect Harry Howle, Spectrum Interior Design, and Reilly Construction, the team that transformed the 4,800-square-foot John’s Island courtyard home the couple purchased in 2011. Built in the late 1980s from one of three prototypes popular at the time, the form, function and flow of the floor plan were outdated. As Howle points out, “The plan was basically obsolete. Consequently the scope of work became very large.” 

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