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"O Christmas tree, O Christmas beautiful and bright...the sight of thee at Christmas tide spreads hope and gladness far and wide..." ~ "O Tannenbaum," German Folk Song
Strings of cramberries, fruit ornaments, raffia and pine cones adorn the tree in the family room, celebrating the family’s love of casual living.

Jill Mattek takes Christmas seriously, so seriously she starts making merry with ornaments and greenery the day after Halloween and doesn’t stop until well into February. After all, it takes time to trim five trees, and once everything’s perfect she wants to savor the spirit of the season as long as she can.

With a knowing smile, Jill claims she comes by it naturally. “Christmas has always been my thing. I grew up in Chicago, surrounded by snow at Christmas time. When I came here I was in shock when December came around. The sun was out, the weather was warm; it just didn’t seem like Christmas. So I decided that if I couldn’t have snow I’d decorate.”

That’s the understatement of the year, as this is a woman who doesn’t just decorate. She really, really decorates, especially since she discovered her passion for Christoper Radko glass ornaments.

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