Time for a Tea Party?

To listen to its followers, there are few nobler ideas on the current political spectrum than America’s newly minted Tea Party. Never mind that it borrows its name from a protest in Boston over an imperialistic tax on tea, or that the moniker has been hijacked by a state-registered political party whose endorsements are an alleged scam to split the Republican vote. The original 21st-century Tea Party, proclaim its disciples, is simply a collection of people bound by a common belief in fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. And who can argue against that?
Let me begin by saying I knew precious little about the Tea Party before talking with Toby Hill, president of the Vero-based Hill Group as well as chairman of the Indian River Tea Party’s executive committee. Personally – Sarah Palin notwithstanding – if I’m “going rogue” about anything, it involves technology or a long line. Nevertheless, I am painfully direct in the quest for the truth about pretty much anything.

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