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Making Mosaics On The Mediterranean.
This famous Ravenna mosaic was used by the Italian Post Office as the basis for a postage stamp.

Ravenna is the heart of Emilia Romagna, Italy, a region known for its great food and its great music. It’s the birthplace of conductor Riccardo Muti and Romagnese Cappelletti, a delicious culinary treasure. And this small city, just northeast of Florence and a bit south of Venice, is considered by many to be the mosaic capital of the world.

The art of mosaic creation dates back thousands of years before Christ, when people of the Mesopotamian civilization decorated walls and floors with pieces of earthenware, shells and minerals such as onyx. Ancient Macedonian floors were decorated with pebbles, and caretakers at St. Peter’s church in Porto Venere, one of Italy’s Cinque Terre towns, have cordoned off for public viewing a section of stone-mosaic floor from 1,500 years ago.

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