Three Schools United

In his second year, Head of School Mike Mersky reflects on Saint Edward’s recent past and its long-term future.
In the new Lower School Library, Head of School Mike Mersky reads to kindergartners (left to right) Jessica Wynne, Gianna Malek, C.H. Brown, Bo Johnson, Giordan Gulati and Ricky Savage.

Consolidating Saint Edward’s Upper, Middle and Lower Schools onto one campus played a vital part in the financial restructuring of the private school. Beyond the fiscal considerations, however, the single-school model has helped to energize the administration and student body alike. “There’s no doubt about it,” says Head of School Mike Mersky. “It has advanced the school in significant ways, enabling us to offer a more enriched program.”

Holding all-school assemblies and pep rallies are just some of the ways students are connecting with each other to form a stronger student body. In addition, upper classmen have formed a school club to mentor, read to, and otherwise support the Lower School students. Says Mersky: “We knew there would be a certain role for the Upper School students to play in terms of being role models and supporting the younger students, but they have gone beyond our expectations.”

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