There Is A Season

In The Garden
This melange of annuals – dusty miller, pink geraniums and white snapdragons – were grouped for their refreshing spring colors.

When it comes to planting flowers in Florida, there appears to be some confusion, especially among transplanted northerners. And there is good reason for that befuddlement as the timing of flower planting is almost completely reversed here in Florida as opposed to New York or Chicago.

When we speak of sprucing up our yards, we most likely are referring to the installation of annual flowers. To my mind, annuals are the frosting on the landscape. They are exuberantly colorful and are most often used to enhance the existing, more permanent plantings. But, before we go further, let’s agree on exactly what is meant by an annual. In the simplest terms, an annual flower is one that lives for one growing season and that season is the variable when comparing north and south.

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