The Substance Abuse Council Of Indian River County

In The Service Of Others
Executive Director Colette Heid (center) with Scott Nolan, Megan Scott, Tiffani Atteo and William Tennison of the improvisational group Deep Impact

William Tennison is pretty typical of most college students. He goes to class, studies for exams, has a group of good friends he hangs out with, and a part time-job. After graduation, the young man hopes to work for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Department.

What sets Tennison apart is his involvement with Deep Impact, a troupe of young people who tackle substance-abuse issues head-on with their improvisational skits, performing whenever and wherever they’re asked.

“The skits range from 30 seconds to maybe seven minutes and every performance varies. We’ve done it on a stage in front of about 50 people and we did it on a loading dock when the new Sebastian Publix store opened up,” Tennison explains.

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