The Right Trees In The Right Place

Florida is blessed with great trees, but installing new ones requires an unerring eye for detail -- and plenty of water.
What would Florida be without its glorious palms? Our native royal palms are a great choice for Vero Beach because they stand up to hurricane-force winds and tolerate sandy soils.

Trees and shrubs, the woody plants, provide the most obvious structure – the “bones” – of any landscape, and in Florida we have hundreds of wonderful trees and shrubs to choose from. The most sustainable action is to preserve the appropriate existing woody plants on your property and, when selecting new trees and shrubs, do as your extension agent would advise: “Select the right plant for the right place.” With proper selection and maintenance, your woody plants will provide shade, privacy and a habitat for wildlife, will prevent erosion, cool their surroundings, and absorb carbon dioxide from the air. That trees and shrubs also add beauty and value to any landscape is a lovely bonus.

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