The Ocean Grill’s Night of Thrills

Ghoulies and ghosties; and long-leggedy beasties; and things that go bump in the night…
Rose Dean in her spectacular peacock attire won first prize on Halloween 2009. She is serving the lobby’s spooky butler a martini.

The devil himself could not conjure up a better masquerade than Halloween night at the Ocean Grill. Befitting its haunted house appearance, every room in the ramshackle restaurant is alive with bats, vampires, cobwebs and skeletons. Even your martini may arrive in a cloud of smoke, as if prepared over a bed of hot coals from Hell.

Last year, Halloween’s hostess was dressed as Cruella De Vil and you were led to your table by a comely witch. Your waiter could have been Dracula (complete with fangs) or a scarecrow with straw hair. For many years the Grill has held a costume contest for the dinner employees, and customers are given ballots to vote for the best-dressed ghoul. It’s a serious competition for wait staff, bartenders and busboys since the first prize is $150, second is $100 and third, $50.

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