The Metalist

Christiane Casella brings bronze sculpting to the Vero Beach Art Club and the Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club.
“Conversation,” bronze. “To be human is to communicate,” says the artist. “ This piece captures the essence of heartfelt human expression, of one person conversing with another.” - Photo by Greg Hills

Christiane Casella holds her newly poured bronze over the cement sidewalk and gleefully lets go. As the ceramic shell cracks away, it is the first glimpse of a new bronze sculpture, and one of the last steps in a several month, multi-faceted process that requires patience and diligence.

Always a sculptor at heart, the artist was introduced to the bronze process seven years ago while working as a high school art teacher in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. For a number of years, Casella taught sculpture, ceramics, metals, art essentials and advanced placement art history. Today she divides her time between New Hope, Pennsylvania and Vero Beach.

“While in Bucks County, I’m very fortunate to live close to Bucks County Community College, one of the few community colleges in the country to have its own foundry in a wonderful art department,” says the artist. It is there, Casella explains, that at any given time, about a dozen “non-traditional students” use the college foundry for bronze work. 

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