The Message In The Metal

Bob Coon’s latest sculptures were inspired by two angry ladies named Frances & Jeanne.
Figurescape III, painted aluminum, 9x6x9 feet.

Bob Coon’s affinity for metal could easily be considered a preordained destiny. The Vero Beach sculptor, whose large, dramatic pieces have been seen in shows and museums around the country, was born and grew up just outside Bessemer City, a small textile community in North Carolina. That’s Bessemer as in Bessemer furnace. Bob says he has been involved with melting metal all his life, but only recently discovered that his great-grandfather was a traveling Bessemer furnace builder.

Although he didn’t know it at the time, Bob’s small-town childhood was the bedrock on which he would build his career as a sculptor. Left to his own devices in a neighborhood short of children his age, the world he played in came from his imagination. If he imagined aliens and space ships, he gathered wood, tools and paint and made himself a ray gun. “Basically, I grew up making the things I saw in my imagination,” he explains. 

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