The Mark Of Zeuch

Why is Vero Beach founding father Herman Zeuch so little known in the city he helped create?
Herman Julius Zeuch was a businessman of vision and drive. He arrived in Vero in 1912 after carefully studying the state of Florida for the most optimal location.

Where do you go after Canada? That was the question Herman Julius Zeuch was asking himself in 1908. From a large land venture in the Canadian Northwest he had pocketed, as he explained in a letter, “$88,000 in real money.” Three years earlier he had bought over 100,000 acres in Alberta and Saskatchewan and in just three years had sold every acre.

A shrewd businessman from Iowa, Zeuch would probably have continued his Canadian venture for a while longer except for an insurmountable roadblock. Land in the Northwest was owned primarily by railroad interests. When they saw how easily other people were making money from land sales, they decided to go into the business themselves rather than sell to outside companies.

“I then looked for other worlds to conquer,” Zeuch wrote. “I traveled from one end of the country to the other, taking me all through the American northwest, through the middle-west, through the southwest, and finally landed in Florida.”

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