The Man Behind The Camera

Fancis Carter Wood

Seen from its Island Creek Drive turnoff, Francis Carter Wood’s home looks very much like those of his John’s Island neighbors, sedately bordering the canal where his boat, Billfisher, is docked, waiting for another fishing trip to the Sebastian Inlet or far offshore for the big ones.

It isn’t until you walk through the heavy double entrance doors and into Wood’s history that you begin to understand the unusual and fascinating life the Vero Beach resident has led.

Photographs line the paneled walls of Wood’s den: A very young Bob Wood with Admiral Brinser, receiving a commendation for supplying the U.S. Navy with the binoculars used in World War II. There’s Bob Wood the cinematographer with Sir Edmund Hillary and his family in Alaska. On several walls, a rifle-bearing Wood kneels beside his big-game kill in Africa.

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