The MacTaggart’s Enchanting Garden

In The Garden
An oval drive lined with hundreds of African irises leads to the MacTaggart home.

The Barry MacTaggarts found Vero Beach via a wildly circuitous route.  Both were born and raised in Australia, lived in Hong Kong, Japan and Greenwich, Connecticut, before they settled in Vero Beach. Barry left Australia when he was transferred to Hong Kong by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Robin MacTaggart, after attending business school, also left for Hong Kong but her reason was a little different. “At the time,” she said, “most girls were heading off to Europe but I could only afford a ticket to Hong Kong.”

Shortly after her arrival, she noticed a young man in a club and remarked to another gentleman that she knew him.  She and Barry had been at a wedding of a mutual friend some years before in Australia. The man in whom she confided conveyed her words to Barry and the rest, as they say, is history.

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