The Best Laid Plans

Lynn and Jim Odoms’ retirement cottage is turned upside down by the birth of their grandson.
The kitchen is an example of Lynn’s tireless search for sources that would provide custom “Shaker style” glass-front cabinetry and the island’s seamless granite counter top.

The house on Sandpointe Lane was supposed to be Lynn and Jim Odoms’ retirement cottage, a place where they could settle in and savor the slice of sea-inspired heaven Lynn had so carefully created. With three bedrooms and an office, it was the just the right size for two empty nesters. 

As so often happens, life has a funny way of messing with our best-laid plans. In the Odoms’ case, it was news that their daughter Alissa and her husband, Brad Wright, were expecting a baby in May. The timing couldn’t have been better for the schoolteacher parents; but come fall and the start of a new school year, who was going to take care of little Lucas?

“Daycare wasn’t even an option,” says Lynn, who looks after her grandson while his parents teach advanced classes at Sebastian River Middle School. “I love taking care of Lucas; but as he gets older and starts walking, he’ll need more space and land to play on.” 

Jim nods in agreement as he looks around at what was to be their forever home. “Lynn found the house, and we liked the idea that it was a few doors from the sounds, smells and sights of the ocean,” he says, noting that his wife worked tirelessly to create her version of the perfect “Nantucket-style” beach cottage. “At first we were just going to enlarge the family room and raise a few ceilings. We ended up gutting the whole house all the way back to the studs.”

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