"The Best Fizz In The Biz"

“The Seltzer Man” offers home-delivered seltzer water to residents of the Treasure Coast.
Simi’s Raspberry Mojito - Purchase the August 2015 issue for the full recipe!

Long before superstores and all the modern conveniences of today’s hectic world, there were delivery men. From ice to milk to coal, they hauled their wares to businesses and homes across the country, connecting with families and neighborhoods. Growing up, I remember Mr. Morgan, our milkman – who also coached me on the swim team – delivering our pre-dawn bottles of milk to the doorstep each and every morning. 

The fishmonger came on Friday afternoons and Frank the butcher delivered meat every Saturday for the roast on Sunday. Honking horns would herald their arrival and my sister and I would race to the curb to say hello. I don’t remember when they stopped coming; but I do know these merchants didn’t just deliver food, they brought a personal connection missing in today’s world of social media, online shopping and the general busyness that fills our lives today. 

 Ryan Pinnell, a Port St. Lucie resident and owner of Treasure Coast Seltzer Works in Fort Pierce, is on a mission to revive the memories of a bygone era. A businessman with a vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan takes the nostalgia of the past and the environmentally “green” concept of the future to homes across the Treasure Coast and beyond. “Today, we’re a world of lost communication,” Ryan says. “In designing this business, I wanted to bring something back, something as simple as having a beverage delivered to your doorstep.”

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