The Artful Cottage

When photographer Hilary Mullarkey changed her plans, it opened the door to new inspiration.
Hilary Mullarkey was immediately drawn to the house she initially thought would make a perfect vacation retreat.

 It only took one look for Hilary Mullarkey to know that the house framed by oak trees was what she wanted, a place where she and her three children could come together. The house and its location reminded her of Grosse Pointe, Mich., where she had spent two weeks every summer as a child. She loved the cottage feel; even the gravel driveway was perfect and the bay window was a bonus.

Hilary’s original plan was to update the 1980s-era kitchen and bathrooms, and that was it. After all, she and her young son Hammy wouldn’t be spending a great deal of time in Vero Beach so there was no need to make further renovations. Or so she thought.

“In the beginning what I really wanted was just a place that was updated and comfortable where I could go for a vacation,” recalls Hilary, who is a professional photographer. “But with a change in my personal life I began to spend more time in Vero Beach. There are a lot of really creative people here and I felt very connected.”

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