Taking The Plunge En Espanol

Vero Beach residents attend "Spanish Immersion" schools.
Friends of the family wait in the courtyard for the couple to arrive.

For the lucky ones, curiosity, a passion for learning and a sense of adventure are lifetime blessings that can take them far from home and open up grand new worlds.

When my son Scott announced a year ago that his wedding would take place in his fiancée’s hometown of Puebla, Mexico, my adventure genes kicked into high gear. A Google search on the Internet for Puebla offered a glut of information, and www.sipuebla.com became a site that would be my doorway to the Spanish Institute of Puebla and a city steeped in Mexican history. When Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, they’re commemorating the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Mexican Revolution began here in 1910 and Puebla is the home of the flavorful chocolate-chile sauce, mole poblano. Poblanos are residents of Puebla.

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