Surfin' Incorporated

Builders, innkeepers, high schoolers, religious groups – they’re all part of the local surfing scene.

For many years, surfing has been prominent in our own home town, largely due to one of the Holy Grails of East Coast surfing: Sebastian Inlet. Some influences are more visible than others, but local icons of surfing are all among us.

For instance, about 50 percent of Croom Construction’s top staff are dedicated surfers, David Lyons being a prime example. Currently a company vice president, Lyons began his surfing career at 13. He applied for the opening at Croom in 1986, he recalls, partly because he was being “called back to the water,” after being away from the coast for a while.

For 24 years Lyons has balanced his professional career and Ivy League background with a laid-back beach life. At home, the entire Lyons family loves the sand and sea; surf trips are hallowed and social circles revolve mostly around friends who share a love of surfing. Lyons gives great credit to owner David Croom’s respect for the surfers in his corporate line-up.

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