Summer Sojourn to a 400th-Year Fiesta

As it celebrates its quadricentennial, Santa Fe is putting on a show that will dazzle the world’s art lovers.
A scenic highlight of the route from Santa Fe to Taos is the 1,280-foot Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, located 10 miles from Taos.

The fiesta has already started, but you’ve got an open invitation so don’t worry about being late. A warm greeting is guaranteed when you arrive since Santa Fe will still be celebrating its 400th anniversary right through the summer, when the legendary city also offers cooler weather than Vero Beach (average high temperatures of only 83°F in August, 77°F in September). Not only is Santa Fe the second largest art market in the United States, it is a top-notch, all-around cultural destination and a popular haven for foodies, too.

Need more convincing? Well, in 2005, UNESCO designated Santa Fe as America’s first “Creative City.” There are excellent museums showcasing widely diverse collections of fine and decorative arts; impressive galleries featuring all periods and genres of art from regional and national to international; unparalleled opera and concerts of every sort, and superior restaurants rustling up an enticing abundance of your favorite grub. And anyone of them can be found…well, right in front of your nose, or a few steps away down a charming street, or around the corner tucked into an old adobe casa.

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