Station 49

At this former Texaco station, patrons can now fill up on authentic Neapolitan Pizza
Arancini from Station 49. Purchase the July issue for the entire recipe!

Jay McLaughlin confesses he is something of a brand-builder. As a businessman, entrepreneur and co-founder of the J. McLaughlin high-end clothing stores, he tells me he has recently found a new outlet for his talents.

“I like spending time looking at food concepts,” McLaughlin admits. “My brother and I have a good radar for knowing what people enjoy and want — we did that for 40 years in clothing — and now I am applying it to restaurants.”

Jay and Joan McLaughlin, seasonal residents of Vero Beach and owners of the Village Shops in Indian River Shores, opened their first eatery here, Citron Bistro, as an anchor for the boutique shopping center, and had long been considering ideas for their next venture.  

Ever vigilant in monitoring the winds of change, McLaughlin watched as pizza came to the forefront of the national dining conversation and New York exploded with upscale, sit-down restaurants serving creative gourmet pizzas — a trend that elevated the humble pie from mediocrity to upscale greatness. McLaughlin was intrigued. 

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