Sojourn To Chicago

In The Garden
The trial gardens at Ball Seed Company in West Chicago are a “must see” and are open to the public.

When the garden writers gather for their annual symposium, the ambient joy is almost palpable. These are people who have two abiding interests in their lives: gardening and writing and, for four days, those two items are all that’s on the agenda.

It should be said from the onset that the Garden Writers Association is a group with some clout. Almost every newspaper or magazine article about gardening or related products comes from a member of this group. The same can be said for books, videos and television. Thus, with cities vying for the ever-increasing ecotourism dollar, a nod from one or more garden writers, in whatever media, is a goal to be pursued. So, when the garden writers choose a location for their symposium, usually five years ahead, the proposed host city begins planning early for a red (green?) carpet welcome. This year’s gathering in Chicago was no exception.

The 400 writers and photographers were quartered at the Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, about 20 miles west of the Loop.

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