Scheme With Green

In The Garden
A light colored dieffenbachia hybrid is flanked by two different spathiphyllum varieties.

At this time of year, as the temperatures begin to rise, we start thinking about spending more time in our air-conditioned digs. It’s nice to share those interior environs with some representatives of the natural world. Aside from Fido, Felix, Polly and a bowl of fish, the most ubiquitous organism in most homes is the plant.

But, let’s get one thing straight from the gitgo – there’s no such thing as a “houseplant.” Mother Nature did not create some cute little photosynthesizing factory that would thrive in either heated or air-conditioned interiors. And, in simple terms, that is the rub.

Temperature is not the major issue either. The real culprit is humidity or, more aptly, the lack of it. When we crank on the heat or air-conditioning, we reduce the humidity. This may make us feel more comfortable, but to a plant it is the kiss of death.

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