Save Your Skin

Skin Cancer is a Real Risk, But Knowledge and Vigilance Can Keep it at Bay
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Peter Ritchie is outside daily with his dogs, including Hattie. “I never leave the house without a hat,” Ritchie says about sun protection.


One day in March 2020, Tracy Shuffstall was taking her morning walk when a billboard for a local dermatology practice caught her attention. She had been meaning to get a growth on her finger checked out, and when she returned to her Sebastian home, she called to set up an appointment.

A few days later, she was sitting in an exam room waiting to meet Dr. Divya Haryani, who shares a dermatology practice with her husband, Dr. Anand Haryani.

“When Dr. Haryani walked in, she immediately noticed something on my face – a spot that I had dismissed as one of my many freckles,” says Shuffstall, a 58-year-old Army veteran and mother of seven. “The doctor proceeded to do a full body scan, freeze some precancerous growths, and take a biopsy of the suspicious lesions on my face and hand.” 

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