Renovation With Inspiration

A chance encounter helps a woman create her dream home.
In Laura’s family room/office the soft sea-foam green of the rug that had been in her previous home dictated the color of the faux-painted walls, upholstered furniture and desk. “The desk was my grandfather’s and I’ve had it for years,” Laura says.

As Laura Adams recalls what the 1970s house she purchased a year ago looked like, a smile spreads across her face. Everything she envisioned it could become is now a reality and she’s not shy about expressing how she feels.

“I am so happy in this house. It’s just the way I hoped it would be,” she enthuses. “I had looked at other places here in John’s Island but I didn’t just want to buy anything; I wanted a house I could live in forever.”

She found it, thanks to seeing an ad and taking a drive-by look-see that prompted her to find out more about the three-bedroom residence.

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