Realize the Dream of Gorgeous Garden Planters


Imagine a pristine white cottage with a clay pot of bright crimson geraniums sitting at the base of a newel post. Picture a pair of oversized, cement, classic urns containing formal, three-ball topiaries underplanted with English ivy and flanking the front door of a Georgian-style home. Visualize a rectangular terra cotta planter placed against a shady wall and planted with a mélange of color and texture, cool green ferns, an exploding firework of a bromeliad, double impatiens demurely exhibiting their miniature rose-like blooms and, all around, crisply variegated ivy dripping at irregular intervals, obscuring the harsh edge of the planter. All of these glorious examples of captive horticulture are referred to collectively by the mundane term, “container gardening.”

The beauty of container gardening lies not only in the aesthetics, but also in the fact that everyone can do it.

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