Raid Your Garden, Deck The Halls

The plants in your own backyard can help create a spectacular Christmas.
Standard Hibiscus

We who live in south-central Florida are lucky to have year-round gardens. Even in midsummer’s heat you can depend on plants such as Pentas, Marigolds and Plumbago, to name a few, for the color you desire. Christmas time is no exception. In our zone 9B there are a myriad of things available and the garden centers are full of choices.

When people think about decorating their houses for Christmas, usually the first thing that comes to mind are Poinsettias and pine boughs. Poinsettias are available in a variety of colors now and they are always a good choice, but for something different how about a pot of Anthurium Big Red with its large shiny leaves and stunning red, heart-shaped flowers? There are also other varieties available with pink, white, orange or multicolored flowers.

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