Racquet Man

Herb Fitz Gibbon II is a man of illustrious accomplishments both on and off the tennis court
Herb Fitz Gibbon in action at Wimbledon, circa June 1968

Windsor has a plethora of talented people: architects, writers, artists, an actress, a floral designer, a broadcaster — but only one member of the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) Eastern Hall of Fame. In 1999, after 50 years of tennis and platform tennis stardom, Herbert Fitz Gibbon II, known as Herb, was inducted into this prestigious organization. 

Tennis started early for Fitz Gibbon. Indeed, it was in the air around him when he was born. His father, Leslie J. Fitz Gibbon, a huge fan of the game, was an accomplished player and promoter of international and national tennis. He was involved in the U.S. Open and the U.S. Tennis Association and, at one point, managed the freshman tennis team from his alma mater, MIT. 

In the second grade, at 7 years of age, Herb Fitz Gibbon played in his first tournament at the Cherry Valley Club in his hometown of Garden City, New York. In this comfortable suburb outside New York City, every night after dinner, he practiced tennis in his basement. 

“I drew a line on the wall as an imaginary net and played sets against a mythical opponent. Not very glamorous, but shows dedication.”

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