Perfect Fit

The ocean calls them home
While furnishings in the living and dining room may have been elsewhere in the first house, they are tailor-made for the new one.

For three years Spectrum Interior Design founder Susan Schuyler Smith and project manager Natalie Holtom worked closely with a couple from Mantoloking, New Jersey, to renovate and furnish their Vero Beach home, a home they bought during a whirlwind house-hunting weekend in 2014. 

Weary of long, cold winters, the husband had turned to the internet, zeroed in on Vero Beach and checked out houses for sale. Thinking he had found the perfect one, he and his wife headed south, only to be disappointed in what they found. 

Discouraged, they were tempted to fly directly home, but having made an appointment to see a second house the couple decided to take a look, which was a smart move. They loved the architecture and barrier island location and made an offer that was quickly accepted. However, after returning to take a closer look, what they didn’t love were the number of renovations that needed to be made. 

They contacted Smith, hired a contractor and, determined to see it through, moved in with the bare basics: two Stickley chairs, a king-size bed and a lone lamp. By the time the construction dust had settled and furnishings, window treatments and artwork were finally in place, everything was perfect. Or so they thought.

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