Painting Joy

Artist Suzy Mellott hopes to bring a smile to the face of each person who views her paintings
For as long as Suzy Mellott can remember, time spent drawing and painting has given her great joy. She shares that passion with other artists at Palm House Gallery & Studio on Ocean Drive.

Artist Suzy Mellott considers herself doubly blessed. Not only does she see the world through an optimistic lens, she is able to share it with others through her paintings. Mellott, a storyteller at heart, captures the essence of her chosen subject, whether it be people, animals or flowers.

A rosy-cheeked young girl with expectant brown eyes, a tail-wagging pooch named Freckles anticipating a treat, and colorful blossoms nestled in a white bowl rimmed with blue all have tales to tell and leave the viewer wanting to know more.

That’s Mellott’s intent; it’s also her gift.

However, it took her a few years to find her happy place, one where she’s surrounded with brushes and tubes of paint, not in an office dealing with balance sheets and financial reports.

Mellott blames it all on being both right- and left-brained, a conundrum that had her changing her college major from art to accounting after her first two years at Miami University of Ohio.

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