Out Of The Wild West

Gordie Peer brings cowboy culture to the Treasure Coast.
Former rodeo clown Gordie Peer on his ranch. As well as raising cattle, he runs a “schoolhouse” where students learn the cowboy’s tricks of the trade.

Gordie Peer isn’t a fellow who likes to talk about his age. He says he isn’t very good at years, never studied them. But look into his piercing blue eyes—if you can catch him with his sunglasses holstered—and you can tell they’ve seen a lot of years, not all of them easy. 

For almost 50 years, Gordie has been hanging his black hat and spurs in a little cabin on his 20-acre ranch in Okeechobee, a spread that was open palmetto land when he came upon it back in 1959. “I was in a rodeo in Homestead,” he recalls. “I hadn’t done very well in the last couple of rodeos and I ran out of gas here. A friend from Colorado was working for his brother in Okeechobee, and he said, come on, you can help me for a while. I’ve been friends with the brother ever since.” In the winters, Gordie worked the livestock market in Okeechobee and spent the rest of the year on the road with Wild West shows and rodeos. 

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